Monday, 29 August 2011

oh school your so cool

well I'm now officially a welding technician at a technical school in town. if i can pass my gov. exams in 24 weeks i will be a 2nd year welding apprentice. a year ahead of any pre-employment program. making roughly 75-90% of a journey man welder. this is a huge spike in money making that i wont be used to but that's a good thing. first things first though.

went to class today. told i was supposed to be in a room i wasn't every one waited there more than half my class. we were told to be there by an information person at the front door. damn they were dumb. i thought my teachers were late. oh how much cooler would that have been. met a few people already I'm not a huge fan of new people but Free-ah and Kyle are pretty cool we went for Vietnamese food and a walk after class in the stifling heat. first days of class are always so damn easy. always have been and if there are any more I'm sure they will all be the same. first half of the day you spend talking about the things you gotta do what you need and that stuff. then they send you home. pretty awesome. we walked around campus for a while. I'm going to have a ton of fun there. women women every where, lets see if i can catch one and call her my own?

class for the first month and a bit is math and theory in the mornings and labs and actual welding shit after lunch. perfect i get to play with high voltage after I'm drowsy from my huge filling lunch that ill be eating in order to try and catch up in weight to some of the guys in this class. i didn't know it was so damn easy to pick up steroids these days.i don't believe in that shit so ill just have to work out more and eat more...ugh.doubt that will happen.

effing roid monkeys
any ways its been a slice love talking to myself hope these aren't too much like a journal for some of your.. if there are any of you.


Friday, 19 August 2011


words wrote on a page are likely to pop out at some one. only if they can relate are interesting, interested or just plain old stupid. trust me i read stupid shit all the time and ask my self afterwards why i read it. I'm a fairly smart guy, no genius, by any means. i have my flaws (i use spell check ffs). so when I'm typing or text'ing to some one with  purpose i like to be to the point and furtive with what i have to say. some times auto correct gets in the way. every one can bitch about auto correct on our phones. that no crazy feat. however i went as far today to tell my boss off in plain letters saying you have to find some one else to work for you on Saturday im taking my deserved weekend off and doing as i wish. some how he thought i was allowing him to retaliate and he came back to me with okay well ill even let you sleep in you don't have to be in early. to witch i ignored him and will no longer be sending him any messages... now this is usual for him hes some kind of "special" guy, hes from Ontario. to think he might have half a brain being the manager of a very large company. not the case.

so the other day i was babbling down the road not realizing i was talking to myself a large native guy, more than likely homeless as well. he stunk hadn't shaved and his hair was matted. he even had some sort of cheap beer in his hand, some sort of crap you can get here in Alberta. in any case he decided talking to me out of no where was a good idea. he wanted to ask me questions tell me jokes i didn't know why he thought i would be interested. then it hit me he thought i was crazy. i was talking to myself i understand that but who doesn't. so i played a little head game with him it wasn't fancy or crazy i just repeated things i was saying in different arrangements. eg. why is the sky blue? the sky is blue? blue is the sky? in between these sentences i paused for a second and allowed him to answer. unsurprisingly he gave me a different answer every time. the first was i don't know... the usual i assume... the second was yes. the third was a question,  what? so i answered with because your a liar sir good day. as i strolled along joyfully knowing that i just either pissed off some random guy to the point of profoundness, or that at least now i believe he will think twice about talking to  random strangers. i just wish that computers wouldn't learn things on their own and fucker up my damn typing.
i say good day to you all.

Monday, 15 August 2011

much like a hangover

yay my pay cheque was short. what a tool my boss is. he is so SMRT. second week in a row i have been shorted on my money. how does one go about reacting to such a thing. what do you do to prevent stupidity? I'm not going to prevent it. I'm not even going to bitch about it to him. i took my cheque from him with very loathsome thoughts making it very apparent that i was unhappy. because i know that in nine days of work i will be done with the company and off to school. i wont have to do half the bosses job for half the the hourly wage i should be making. i figure in nine days when the busiest time of the work month comes around and he asks me to come in on my time off from school I'm going to tell him out right to go fuck himself eat a giant shit brick off the roof of a van. i will savour the moment with glee. i may just jump for joy when I'm done.

my day was generally pretty good today other than the lack of funds until 4. i went to McDonald's for lunch/dinner and on the walk home ran into a black man missing every tooth in his head except the right incisor he asked me for some of the usual change for his fix or what ever may his poison be what ever it may be i quickly informed him even if i had change i wouldn't be able to find it with the glare or the sun bouncing off his shiny bald head into my light grey eyes. he apologized put his hat back on and slinked away for a moment just a tiny fraction of a second (i think it would look like .0001) i thought to my self shit was i just propositioned by a black Elmer fudd in his 50's? then i came back to reality and noted that i do not live in a cartoon. even if i would like to believe it to be true. i got home opened my mailbox to find a envelope filled with papers telling me how to get a bunch of money that i applied for. just having the papers made me feel richer just after i called the electric company and had a decent chat with the gentleman on the phone who to my surprise was very Canadian sounding. i didn't even have to get him to repeat a single word.i love it when things go well after a moment or two of hatred

you might be asking why i tittled this: much like a hangover. well my only reason for that is when things cause pain or anger in my life it send my into a general feeling, and the only way i can describe is to compare it to a hang over. it makes me nauseous irritable and sensitive to light. i believe it because when i get mad or feel pain my body increases the flow or testosterone drastically for short spurts and it causes the neutral location of my "biorhythm" to spike high. some times its almost euphoric.

well it not much for reading material. but its the package on the inside that matters right?

Saturday, 6 August 2011

wow more than a week and still no word..

well now there's word. i don't have much to say I've been crazy busy doing stuff and planning more stuff. although i feel like i should write some thing so I've come to satiate my want to say a few things.

first up. what the hell is with contractors never being able to pay their subcontractors on time? I've had enough contract, type, jobs to know that you hardly ever get paid on time. if at all some times. its not like they do much other than manage their "employees" and organize work.( I'm making that short i know there is more to it than that.) shouldn't be paying your employees on time be one of your top priority's so you don't have to go out and look for new ones, every time they have to go look for a new job? i think that would make more sense. no funny story about this just a douchbagerific twat that doesn't know how to manage his shit.
                                                                       HERP DURP!

second off. WHAT THE FUCK is up with kids that go to local shows. in the past ten years people have gone from dancing, to moshing, to this new judgmental  form of onlooking. since when has going to a metal show, standing with your arms folded across your chest and not moving been "cool," or hell since when is that fun? i feel like they feel there at their children's  barney the purple dinosaur show  there only there because they feel they have to be, to make sure no one hurts themselves. well forgive me but i think that being a robot is probably significantly more detrimental to your health than moshing is.also just to add. in my profile picture I'm moshing. ALONE. yeah it might be "lame" to some, but I'm the shit to every one at that show and its one of my best friends band FiestaFinger and i think they are the shit. you will get an idea of the type of music i listen to with that link.
here's a spitting image of the "kids" at the bar the other night.

last but definitively not least! i got a thing, that some people like to call a loan, i call them: hey free money you suck because i have to pay you back. yeah so i get to go to school for the next 6 months, live very poorly and work at the same time. at the end of this six months i can get a job that I'm going to love and make an amazing amount of money doing. yes! i get to go to SAIT and make some people raise an eyebrow in a WTF motion because i don't fit the usual welder scenery. I'm not a big guy, fat or heavily tattooed i don't smoke and i can string multiple sentences together with all my teeth. oh well fuck em if they don't get it, and fuck em if they cant take a joke. it feels like I've been cleaning carpets for a really long time now and still not getting any where. knowing the economy is fucked, i get that is the norm. i prefer not to settle with the "norm" however so i aim to better myself in all things. so here's to the best that we, as a human race can be.

Friday, 29 July 2011

child's play

god work is lame. you know those days where you would rather drag your face along the pavement at a steady jogging pace. yeah that was my day today. but i come home to talk to an old friend who I've known for about 7 years now. Mitch. shes pretty sweet other than her bull dyke friends (they don't like me literally because i have a penis), but i cant hold that against her or them. as much as i would like to. any ways she is now the proud owner of a 2 year old little girl who was basically abandoned by her mother, who you might say is our mutual friend. now i know I'm no saint nor am i cool with being a father yet but holy shit i think this girl has stepped over every boundary's that even meerkats couldn't cross high on LSD.

back story.
i was living in BC at the time and i was having a good old time being a stupid boy and having sex with who ever i felt like, i wanted to, or who would let me. my buddy at the time, tank, was at the time a pretty cool guy we chilled drank drove around and basically "ran show" like morons. so this girl he met some time back in the day came out with us one night. i did my thing, apparently what ever it was worked. i took her home one or two nights, had some fun. she wasn't drinking at the time because she was seven or eight months pregnant. i thought bonus no chance of getting her knocked up (yeah  that's how i thought, shoot me). she was pretty into me for about a week then i didn't hear from her a few days later so i called up tank and wanted to know what was up and see if we could find a party. he said he was busy with his new girlfriend, i think you see where that's going. yes it was prego. not even two days after having sex with me she moved onto my best friend. meh okay so no big deal, she left me, we were not dating nor had any title. but tank, i was a pissed at, he stopped talking to me and just started being a total douche just for her.we do crazy things for love?  half a year or more down the road they move a few hours away to "start a life." tank went to work all day while she stayed at home feeding her kid junk food and not giving her child any structure. even i know there are some things you need to do as a parent. few months later i hear numerous story's of how she comes back to the town i was living in and sleeps around. whether they are true or not i don't care. but during all this i realized what she was in the relationship for. eureka! GOLD DIGGER... this becomes increasingly funnier to me as i hear of how they are just making it by in their life. funny because she fails at digging. you pick up old guys with careers not the manager of radio shack, i thought. this life continues for them for a while until tank figures out she actually has been cheating on him. he apologized for being a douche I'm still not okay with talking to him. i wear my grudge like a crown. but good on him for being the better man.

a year later my old friend, Mitch is a very caring and loving person. beyond a doubt. starts baby sitting the now year and a half child only off and on at first while prego dates drug dealers and any sort of shady character she thinks might have money. again failing at gold digging. i listen to the story's as i see things unfold. just to be there for Mitch so she has some one, who understands, to talk to. however today it came up again that shes is now full time parenting the child. good for her to take over, i say. meanwhile prego is "dating" another of my long time best friends. now i don't have many of them, so I'm just going to call this one bill. he is basically a glorified janitor who works in the hospital. being in the medical system he makes decent enough money nothing to get up and clap for, but hey prego found some one hurting enough for a relationship that actually might have money. win for prego she finally kind of figured out how to be a gold digger. what a loss for bill. now hes going to be spending all his money and time on a succubus deadbeat mom. just to feel like he has some one again. honestly wish i could help.

these are only some of the things i can think of to add into this story because i have no need to loose my mind in any of this. so at first i thought: hey good job deadbeat for trying to find a "father" for the child. but now you have abandoned your child. doesn't that defeat the purpose. it will be interesting to see how this turns out with bill. seeming as how if he keeps up with this shenanigans his everyday will be just like my day was today. questionably terrible at best.

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

some thing that came up around the water cooler

    there are times when you're with a person and you have some feelings grow but never returned whether it be from your side or the happens, i know, surprise!
well my buddy who isn't really a friend but for arguments sake lets say he is. has had this off and on again thing with this girl but she just cant get her shit together. so he, being the guy (i use that term loosely)he is breaks it off with her for what he thinks is the final time. well this is where the real situation comes in she comes back around a month later without a word, not even a hey i miss you, and just lays him out with a oh by the way i'm pregnant.

   okay so, i don't know how or why girls think that's a good way to go about getting back with the guy. i get that it, forces the guy in question, into a feeling shitty if he doesn't get back with her. but i mean honestly isn't that what we should all just try and avoid in life... its kinda like blackmail isn't it? i mean what if she is known to sleep around and its not his, or shes just a chronic liar. what to do, what to do?
  okay so how do you prevent a situation like this i know some girls are crazy and you should avoid them but i'm the kind of guy that likes em a little coo-coo, batty, or nuts. i find it keeps things more interesting, plane Janes just arnt my thing. but other than avoiding the crazy's what do you do if that happens to you? personally depending on the history on the situation i think i might just tell her to F**k right off. i know its insensitive but the choice was made already, that they were to have nothing to do with each other right? i don't know its not an every day thing for me to think about it but this is what mattered to me today on a off and on rainy day.

Monday, 25 July 2011


first i'm going to start by saying that my question mark button currently doesn't work. i also have no intention of fixing it. my grammar is testy and my spelling may be worse. i'm a simple person with simple interests and joys. unless my spell check fixes it, eff it.

my aim is to make this a sort of Vlog. over the next few months i will be posting plenty of things and plenty more ideas. i tend to ramble. i will do my best to refrain. my big task for this is to test how well i can let myself be open with people who ive never met. what i hope you, the veiwer, gets out of this, is entirly up to you, but i do hope you get some thing out of it. be it a laugh, some helpful tips or tricks. hell hate me if it makes you feel good. better yet just some one to maybe relate to is cool with me.

i was born in a small town, moved to more than twenty-two different towns by the time i was twenty-one. my parents are, a story for another day, but neither having any major part in my life. i am a fairly open person so long as you don't preach to me. i am willing to listen to any thing you have to say on any subject matter but once it becomes an imposing force i will become remiss. i am an implicit atheist, not much to be said about that. i'm twenty four and have nothing to show for my life but plenty of scars and a few broken hearts.moving right along. Fin