Wednesday, 27 July 2011

some thing that came up around the water cooler

    there are times when you're with a person and you have some feelings grow but never returned whether it be from your side or the happens, i know, surprise!
well my buddy who isn't really a friend but for arguments sake lets say he is. has had this off and on again thing with this girl but she just cant get her shit together. so he, being the guy (i use that term loosely)he is breaks it off with her for what he thinks is the final time. well this is where the real situation comes in she comes back around a month later without a word, not even a hey i miss you, and just lays him out with a oh by the way i'm pregnant.

   okay so, i don't know how or why girls think that's a good way to go about getting back with the guy. i get that it, forces the guy in question, into a feeling shitty if he doesn't get back with her. but i mean honestly isn't that what we should all just try and avoid in life... its kinda like blackmail isn't it? i mean what if she is known to sleep around and its not his, or shes just a chronic liar. what to do, what to do?
  okay so how do you prevent a situation like this i know some girls are crazy and you should avoid them but i'm the kind of guy that likes em a little coo-coo, batty, or nuts. i find it keeps things more interesting, plane Janes just arnt my thing. but other than avoiding the crazy's what do you do if that happens to you? personally depending on the history on the situation i think i might just tell her to F**k right off. i know its insensitive but the choice was made already, that they were to have nothing to do with each other right? i don't know its not an every day thing for me to think about it but this is what mattered to me today on a off and on rainy day.

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