Saturday, 6 August 2011

wow more than a week and still no word..

well now there's word. i don't have much to say I've been crazy busy doing stuff and planning more stuff. although i feel like i should write some thing so I've come to satiate my want to say a few things.

first up. what the hell is with contractors never being able to pay their subcontractors on time? I've had enough contract, type, jobs to know that you hardly ever get paid on time. if at all some times. its not like they do much other than manage their "employees" and organize work.( I'm making that short i know there is more to it than that.) shouldn't be paying your employees on time be one of your top priority's so you don't have to go out and look for new ones, every time they have to go look for a new job? i think that would make more sense. no funny story about this just a douchbagerific twat that doesn't know how to manage his shit.
                                                                       HERP DURP!

second off. WHAT THE FUCK is up with kids that go to local shows. in the past ten years people have gone from dancing, to moshing, to this new judgmental  form of onlooking. since when has going to a metal show, standing with your arms folded across your chest and not moving been "cool," or hell since when is that fun? i feel like they feel there at their children's  barney the purple dinosaur show  there only there because they feel they have to be, to make sure no one hurts themselves. well forgive me but i think that being a robot is probably significantly more detrimental to your health than moshing is.also just to add. in my profile picture I'm moshing. ALONE. yeah it might be "lame" to some, but I'm the shit to every one at that show and its one of my best friends band FiestaFinger and i think they are the shit. you will get an idea of the type of music i listen to with that link.
here's a spitting image of the "kids" at the bar the other night.

last but definitively not least! i got a thing, that some people like to call a loan, i call them: hey free money you suck because i have to pay you back. yeah so i get to go to school for the next 6 months, live very poorly and work at the same time. at the end of this six months i can get a job that I'm going to love and make an amazing amount of money doing. yes! i get to go to SAIT and make some people raise an eyebrow in a WTF motion because i don't fit the usual welder scenery. I'm not a big guy, fat or heavily tattooed i don't smoke and i can string multiple sentences together with all my teeth. oh well fuck em if they don't get it, and fuck em if they cant take a joke. it feels like I've been cleaning carpets for a really long time now and still not getting any where. knowing the economy is fucked, i get that is the norm. i prefer not to settle with the "norm" however so i aim to better myself in all things. so here's to the best that we, as a human race can be.