Monday, 25 July 2011


first i'm going to start by saying that my question mark button currently doesn't work. i also have no intention of fixing it. my grammar is testy and my spelling may be worse. i'm a simple person with simple interests and joys. unless my spell check fixes it, eff it.

my aim is to make this a sort of Vlog. over the next few months i will be posting plenty of things and plenty more ideas. i tend to ramble. i will do my best to refrain. my big task for this is to test how well i can let myself be open with people who ive never met. what i hope you, the veiwer, gets out of this, is entirly up to you, but i do hope you get some thing out of it. be it a laugh, some helpful tips or tricks. hell hate me if it makes you feel good. better yet just some one to maybe relate to is cool with me.

i was born in a small town, moved to more than twenty-two different towns by the time i was twenty-one. my parents are, a story for another day, but neither having any major part in my life. i am a fairly open person so long as you don't preach to me. i am willing to listen to any thing you have to say on any subject matter but once it becomes an imposing force i will become remiss. i am an implicit atheist, not much to be said about that. i'm twenty four and have nothing to show for my life but plenty of scars and a few broken hearts.moving right along. Fin

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