Monday, 29 August 2011

oh school your so cool

well I'm now officially a welding technician at a technical school in town. if i can pass my gov. exams in 24 weeks i will be a 2nd year welding apprentice. a year ahead of any pre-employment program. making roughly 75-90% of a journey man welder. this is a huge spike in money making that i wont be used to but that's a good thing. first things first though.

went to class today. told i was supposed to be in a room i wasn't every one waited there more than half my class. we were told to be there by an information person at the front door. damn they were dumb. i thought my teachers were late. oh how much cooler would that have been. met a few people already I'm not a huge fan of new people but Free-ah and Kyle are pretty cool we went for Vietnamese food and a walk after class in the stifling heat. first days of class are always so damn easy. always have been and if there are any more I'm sure they will all be the same. first half of the day you spend talking about the things you gotta do what you need and that stuff. then they send you home. pretty awesome. we walked around campus for a while. I'm going to have a ton of fun there. women women every where, lets see if i can catch one and call her my own?

class for the first month and a bit is math and theory in the mornings and labs and actual welding shit after lunch. perfect i get to play with high voltage after I'm drowsy from my huge filling lunch that ill be eating in order to try and catch up in weight to some of the guys in this class. i didn't know it was so damn easy to pick up steroids these days.i don't believe in that shit so ill just have to work out more and eat more...ugh.doubt that will happen.

effing roid monkeys
any ways its been a slice love talking to myself hope these aren't too much like a journal for some of your.. if there are any of you.


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