Friday, 19 August 2011


words wrote on a page are likely to pop out at some one. only if they can relate are interesting, interested or just plain old stupid. trust me i read stupid shit all the time and ask my self afterwards why i read it. I'm a fairly smart guy, no genius, by any means. i have my flaws (i use spell check ffs). so when I'm typing or text'ing to some one with  purpose i like to be to the point and furtive with what i have to say. some times auto correct gets in the way. every one can bitch about auto correct on our phones. that no crazy feat. however i went as far today to tell my boss off in plain letters saying you have to find some one else to work for you on Saturday im taking my deserved weekend off and doing as i wish. some how he thought i was allowing him to retaliate and he came back to me with okay well ill even let you sleep in you don't have to be in early. to witch i ignored him and will no longer be sending him any messages... now this is usual for him hes some kind of "special" guy, hes from Ontario. to think he might have half a brain being the manager of a very large company. not the case.

so the other day i was babbling down the road not realizing i was talking to myself a large native guy, more than likely homeless as well. he stunk hadn't shaved and his hair was matted. he even had some sort of cheap beer in his hand, some sort of crap you can get here in Alberta. in any case he decided talking to me out of no where was a good idea. he wanted to ask me questions tell me jokes i didn't know why he thought i would be interested. then it hit me he thought i was crazy. i was talking to myself i understand that but who doesn't. so i played a little head game with him it wasn't fancy or crazy i just repeated things i was saying in different arrangements. eg. why is the sky blue? the sky is blue? blue is the sky? in between these sentences i paused for a second and allowed him to answer. unsurprisingly he gave me a different answer every time. the first was i don't know... the usual i assume... the second was yes. the third was a question,  what? so i answered with because your a liar sir good day. as i strolled along joyfully knowing that i just either pissed off some random guy to the point of profoundness, or that at least now i believe he will think twice about talking to  random strangers. i just wish that computers wouldn't learn things on their own and fucker up my damn typing.
i say good day to you all.

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