Monday, 15 August 2011

much like a hangover

yay my pay cheque was short. what a tool my boss is. he is so SMRT. second week in a row i have been shorted on my money. how does one go about reacting to such a thing. what do you do to prevent stupidity? I'm not going to prevent it. I'm not even going to bitch about it to him. i took my cheque from him with very loathsome thoughts making it very apparent that i was unhappy. because i know that in nine days of work i will be done with the company and off to school. i wont have to do half the bosses job for half the the hourly wage i should be making. i figure in nine days when the busiest time of the work month comes around and he asks me to come in on my time off from school I'm going to tell him out right to go fuck himself eat a giant shit brick off the roof of a van. i will savour the moment with glee. i may just jump for joy when I'm done.

my day was generally pretty good today other than the lack of funds until 4. i went to McDonald's for lunch/dinner and on the walk home ran into a black man missing every tooth in his head except the right incisor he asked me for some of the usual change for his fix or what ever may his poison be what ever it may be i quickly informed him even if i had change i wouldn't be able to find it with the glare or the sun bouncing off his shiny bald head into my light grey eyes. he apologized put his hat back on and slinked away for a moment just a tiny fraction of a second (i think it would look like .0001) i thought to my self shit was i just propositioned by a black Elmer fudd in his 50's? then i came back to reality and noted that i do not live in a cartoon. even if i would like to believe it to be true. i got home opened my mailbox to find a envelope filled with papers telling me how to get a bunch of money that i applied for. just having the papers made me feel richer just after i called the electric company and had a decent chat with the gentleman on the phone who to my surprise was very Canadian sounding. i didn't even have to get him to repeat a single word.i love it when things go well after a moment or two of hatred

you might be asking why i tittled this: much like a hangover. well my only reason for that is when things cause pain or anger in my life it send my into a general feeling, and the only way i can describe is to compare it to a hang over. it makes me nauseous irritable and sensitive to light. i believe it because when i get mad or feel pain my body increases the flow or testosterone drastically for short spurts and it causes the neutral location of my "biorhythm" to spike high. some times its almost euphoric.

well it not much for reading material. but its the package on the inside that matters right?

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